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Last Spring planting

September is already upon us and now is time to prepare for the last Spring Planting. Right about now you may be thinking, “What crazy words am I reading?” I want to prepare you for Spring Blooming Bulbs. Fall is the best time to plant bulbs because the ground is still warm enough to allow the roots to grow before the first freeze. Best time to do this is in September and October although some bulbs may and some should be planted as far as November. A great reminder is when you start seeing the bulbs offered in bulk boxes at your local nurseries or garden department in various stores.

You want to select a good quality of bulbs by buying from reputable places preferably nurseries as second-rate bulbs produce second-rate flowers, don’t sprout at all or return the next year.

What to plant? A few of my favorite bulbs to plant are:

  • Tulips, Crocus, Iris and Snowdrops should be planted in the early fall.

  • Daffodils should be planted in the mid fall.

  • Alliums and Hyacinths and Tulips should be planted late fall before frost.

Spring Blooming Bulbs are not everyone’s favorite as there is no instant gratification but I highly recommend so your spring will bring a brilliant smile to your face. As always, if we can help you with your planting or landscaping needs, contact us today at 469-223-1325.

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