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What You Need to Know Before Fertilizing

When you buy fertilizer, you will see three (3) numbers on the product label. These numbers are the percentage amount of three components in the mixture of a bag of fertilizer. These components are the nutrients that feed your lawn – nitrogen (for foliage strength and growth), phosphate (for development and growth), and potassium (for health and vigor).

With proper watering, a slow-release fertilizer will break the nutrients down slowly. This will allow at least six to eight weeks before the grass will need the next application of fertilizer.

Granules are very easy to work with, and truthfully, you do not have to be a chemist to use them. Just pour into a spreader and apply. It is best to use a broadcast spreader and before filling the hopper, and it must be shut or the granules will be poured as you fill. Any granules outside of your lawn should be picked up and disposed of to prevent it being washed up.

The first application should be in the spring. Thereafter, fertilizer should be applied every 6 to 8 weeks. Throughout the year there should be up to 5 applications. Inform yourself on the different fertilizers for the different uses and time applications.

Watering is also critically important. Follow the before and after watering instructions on the bag of the fertilizer you are using, and remember that overwatering can actually be as damaging as under-watering.

If you need any help implementing your fertilizing plan or want our team of professionals to assist in any way, please reach out to us at 469-223-1325.

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