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3 Easy Steps to Beautiful Lawn

"A fertilizer is any material of natural or synthetic origin (other than liming materials) that is applied to soils or to plant tissues to supply one or more plant nutrients essential to the growth of plants."

This is the definition from Wikipedia Dictionary. Why am I giving you this information? It is a piece of information that is needed by every person who has a lawn in their home or workplace and desire a thick, lush green lawn. It is also a piece of information ignored or not known by many that wish to have a lush, green, free from weeds and pest lawn. There are steps to having a lush green lawn that you can visually and physically enjoy.

The following are three easy tasks that with a little time invested in your lawn will deliver a dreamy and enjoyable lawn.

  1. A well watered lawn: The best way to ensure you have a well watered lawn is to water it well, an application of 12mm (1/2inch) of water three times a week should be adequate for a lawn in a normal soil type for this Texas heat. The amount of time it takes to apply 12mm of water to your lawn depends on your sprinkler system. I recommend 15 to 20 minutes with sprinkler system (check your city’s water restrictions). If you are watering with a water hose you may be out there between 30 to 40 minutes. A good way to measure how much water you put on your lawn is to use a rain gauge or a few straight sided containers placed around your lawn ( not directly under the sprinklers or you with water hose) and measure how long it takes to apply 12mm of water.

  2. Regular mowing: Regular mowing encourages strong vigorous growth and keeps it from getting thatchy. Regular mowing with the catcher on the mower is particularly important as it keeps the lawn from getting thatch and growing fungal disease. A lawn that is left to grow too long prior to cutting it will suffer stress and look brown and unsightly. How many times you mow depends on your lawn and how fast it grows, but typically in summer (I call in season) a lawn should be mown once a week then less often in fall (I call off season) and not at all in the winter unless you obtain winter grass.

  3. A well fed lawn: Lawns need to be fed 3 to 5 times a year. After one feeding grass will begin to rebound and weeds will start to disappear. After the second feeding grass will start to get green, lush and will start to choke weeds. After the third feeding grass will be weed free and start fighting pests. After the fourth feeding grass will survive a lot of stress factors that come with weather, mowing and pest. After the fifth feeding you will have a dense and lush lawn.

Be the envy of your neighborhood. Following these steps and making a routine of them will ensure you a thick, lush and vibrantly green lawn to enjoy year after year. #LawncarebyJosie #GoGreen #GreenLawns

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