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Meet Tito & Josie

Lawncare by Josie was founded in 2015 by Tito and Josie Gamez and expanded to offer Total Landscaping by Tito in 2022 to better serve their clients.


Their goal is to provide exceptional customer service and high quality workmanship to their clients, making lawncare and landscaping dreams come true each and every day. Each job is tailored to the client's unique needs and their dedicated team provides updates every step of the way. All estimates are complimentary, as well as the visits, texts and phone calls provided to deliver such estimates.

Their extensive crew and partners provide services in:

  • Plant/flower bed installation

  • Plant/flower bed cleanup/maintenance & seasonal color change

  • Sod installation, fertilization and maintenance

  • Drain installation

  • Irrigation installation and repairs

Upon completion of work, they provide maintenance at a minimal cost and it is always customized to meet the client's needs and budget.

Your dedicated, local lawncare & landscaping team.

Call or text us today at 469.223.1325

or email us here.

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