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Our residential packages

The Essential


  • Mow using commercial grade equipment

  • Create an even upright Edge and Corner Cut using commercial grade equipment.

  • Even lawn in hard to reach places using commercial grade equipment.

  • Remove from walkways all growing sprigs from in between concrete tiles.

  • Blow off all debris and leaf accumulation for clean curb appeal.

  • Bag all Landscape debris and Grass Clippings  and set out for Bulk trash pickup





(does not include product cost)


and drain repairs

prices start at


Carol ford

“First a little background: My husband and I have not enjoyed our backyard in more than 5 years because we have four dogs that just destroyed it. I finally decided to do something about it. I looked at many reviews for lawn service and decided to hire Josie and her team. Wow! I am so glad I did. They came and completely changed my life. The team arrived early, worked all day, and were so professional. They not only gave me a new backyard, but I can't wait to come home from work everyday. I actually started growing vegetables and plants, watching all of the birds, squirrels and butterflies loving the backyard as well. I don't know if Josie and her team truly know how much they changed my life or not. I highly recommend Lawncare by Josie to everyone and I have!”


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